Post-Quantum Crypto IP: Software Support

Fast time to market with readily available cryptographic libraries and full-system emulation for integration testing. These components are offered as a part of our hardware IP licensing scheme.

PQSLIB: Post-Quantum Cryptography Library

PQSLIB is a library of post-quantum cryptographic primitives that utilizes the special hardware features offered by PQSoC. These low-level primitives can be used to replace or complement legacy cryptography in applications. The implementations match current NIST post-quantum standardization versions for digital signatures, key establishment and encryption, and are constantly updated as the process nears completion.

See FAQ for a detailed algorithm listing.

PQSE: A Full System Emulator

PQSE is A full system emulator that allows efficient application development and debugging. The emulator covers both the CPU core and the cryptographic peripherals, so applications can be tested at near-real time speeds without resorting to hardware circuit simulation. The emulator has advanced development features such as execution trace, disassembly, and code profiling.

Compiler Toolchains and Standard Libraries

Standard GNU compiler toolchains can be used for development, making it easy to port existing applications to the platform. The offering is currently operating-system agnostic as it simply provides optimized low-level primitives. A lightweight runtime environment with standard C library are provided for running extensive unit tests for the hardware platform. The provided algorithmic libraries can work under almost any embedded operating system.